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Are you looking for a sure-fire way to predict which way the market is going to go?  You’re not alone. Every investor – from the conservative “buy & hold” investors to the aggressive day-traders are always looking for an edge. Fortunately, I’ve found a pretty good indicator of where the market is heading.
You see, now that the U.S. midterm elections are over, we’re looking at a strong upswing trend. That’s not wishful thinking either. According to the Stock Traders’ Almanac, in a midterm election year the market has climbed an average of 15.3%. And it’s done exactly that 94% of the time since World War II!
Now most investors would be pretty happy with a 15% average gain but that would be a big loss on for them.
Well, they’re focusing on trading big name companies that frequently come with big share prices too.
But that’s not where the very good growth is… it’s with smaller company stocks.
Check it out: The Russell 2000 is an index which tracks the 2000 smallest companies that are publicly traded.   As of September 2013, this collection of small, frequently overlooked companies, had an average return of 120%.
120% return… and that’s a very good return, right?
Well, it is but there’s a way to get even bigger returns.
You see, investing expert Jeff Avery has developed a system to identify under-the-radar small companies before they take off.
So while the average investor repeats mantras like “the market has averaged an 8% return for decades” to themselves until they believe them, Jeff’s subscribers are quietly enjoying massive windfall profits because his system delivers the very best stock plays. We’re talking stock picks that can deliver double-digit and triple-digit gains like clockwork.
And best of all, it requires very little capital and limited risk to tap into their profit potential.
The downside? Even with the power of modern computers, Jeff’s system is extremely time-consuming for him to execute. He spends dozens of hours each week analyzing stocks, doing research, and watching current market trends.
It’s so time-consuming that he’s only able to make one stock recommendation each week.
>> Just check out this video right here and Jeff will explain how his system works.
Of course, that one stock is positioned beautifully for a future breakout. And when it does… well, you can thank Jeff and me later.


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